Q: What is Remy Hair?
A: Remy Hair is a term for the way the hair is collected and manufactured, where you can distinguish the root end of the hair from the tip.

Q: How do I know which hair extension company to use?
A: Do your research on the Best Hair Extension Brands and read reviews.  Contact multiple companies and use the checklist below as a guideline for which questions to ask when looking for a new company.

Q: Are hair extensions just for length?
A: Nope!  Hair extensions can also be used for volume, add pops of color or chemical-free highlights and can even fix a bad haircut.

Q: Do I have to be certified to offer extensions?
A: Not necessarily, however, a company that offers education will be able to support you through troubleshooting and post-education support, which in turn benefits your clients.

Q: Where does the hair come from?
A:  Typically, hair types come from Russia, India, and China.

Q: How long does the hair last?
A: Depending on the method, hair can last anywhere between 3 months to a year, with proper care and maintenance.

Q: Which application method is best for my clients?
The right hair extension method for you client depends on the hair type, budget, and lifestyle of your clientele.